For 120 years, joining safety, practicality and innovation

Prandelli produces and distributes in Italy and abroad high quality piping and fitting systems in Cop-random polypropylene, pipes in cross-linked and cross-linkable polyethylene both in a multilayer version, in aluminium, and monolayer version, and brass fittings, both press-fittings and screw-joints, to supply fluids for sanitary, heating and industrial use. 50 years leading the piping and fitting sector. Prandelli Spa was established in 1899 in Lumezzane, in the Province of Brescia, in an industrial district renowned in Italy and abroad for its success and innovation in the metal machining sector since 1400. Our company was an immediate protagonist of this sector thanks to the intuition and willingness for which it has always stood out.

Prandelli Spa was the first company to manufacture the multilayer pipe in Italy. Our innovative capacity has rewarded us, making us the ideal partner for retailers and wholesalers seeking a reliable, consolidated and flexible contact, always ready to adapt to and meet new reference market needs.

We have always focused on excellence and we do so everyday thanks to our employees and specialist technicians who work in 18,000 m2 of production space, in 2 plants, one for the extrusion of piping and the other for moulding and assembly of the fittings, and 3 warehouses, with the support of 2 plants in Europe, in Poland and in Portugal.

Prandelli Group
A flowing

Prandelli Spa developed a Group that includes two important foreign components. In 1989, the Portuguese company Coprax Comércio e Indùstria do Plastico SA became a distributor of piping and fitting systems in PP-R Coprax, while in 1992 Prandelli Polska was established, a distributor branch in Poland and surrounding countries.

We avail of the highest standard raw materials, of modern systems, consolidated know-how and precise management of production thanks to computerised controls and robotic procedures. Prandelli Spa Italia’s experience in figures:

prandelli 1899

thousand m2 indoor surface area


Production plants




Sites abroad


Established in 1899, Prandelli Spa was the first company to believe in the renovation of the plumbing and heating sector by producing as far back as 1977 a “plastic” pipe to replace the metal ones used up to then, up to production of a multilayer pipe on the Italian market in 1998, as the first manufacturer at national level. Experience, know-how and reliability are the strengths of our company.

prandelli italia


Established in 1992, Prandelli Polska distributes Prandelli products in Poland. Currently, the Prandelli Polska team, located in Gdansk, has over 25 employees and an articulated collaborations network. Over the years, it has acquired important market share in Poland and the surrounding countries, meeting the widespread needs of small installers and professionals, assuming a primary role in major urban planning projects.

prandelli polska


Established in 1989 as an importer and distributor of Prandelli products, Coprax Comércio e Indùstria do Plastico Sa quickly became a leader in the entire piping and fittings sector for the transport of pressurised cold and hot water. The Coprax Comércio team, located in the city of Ovar, has 15 employees. Over the years, it was given the “PME - Excelencia Comércio”, award many times, which is an acknowledgement awarded by the Portuguese economic institutional authorities. 

prandelli portugal
The history of multilayer

of quality

In 1998, Prandelli Spa was the first manufacturer in Italy of the Multyrama multilayer system, characterised by a multilayer pipe in PE-X/AL/PE-X that guarantees greater mechanical resistance over time and which does not allow permeability of oxygen also thanks to the intermediate layer of aluminium (head to head welded), and brass fittings in the press and screw version.

Safety flowing
for over 120 years

“Bortolo Prandelli e F.lli” was established and which became over the years Prandelli Spa.


Production began of plumbing-sanitary items (siphons and siphon traps in brass). Over the years that followed, the range expanded with moulded plastic items.


Production of the first plastic pipe (cross-linked polyethylene) under the commercial name Tuborama, and relevant brass fittings.


Production of the Coprax system, pipe and fittings in PP-R for welding.


Coprax Comércio e Indùstria do Plastico SA opened in Portugal in partnership with a local importer.


The sales branch opened in Poland, Prandelli Polska.


First Italian manufacturers of the multilayer pipe, and relevant fittings, with the brand Multyrama.


Inauguration of the new manufacturing hub specifically for pipe production.


Manufacture of PFM fittings.


Manufacture of PER-T/ AL/ PER-T Tris Up pipe.


Production of Coprax Fibra pipe.


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