Fluid and air distribution systems: quality flows in the piping and fittings made by Prandelli Spa

Our company, established in Brescia in 1899, has been manufacturing plastic and metal-plastic systems for years, composed of piping, fittings and accessories for sanitary, heating and industrial use. Our range of products include:

  • Piping and fittings in Random Copolymerised Polypropylene PP-R (COPRAX SYSTEM)
  • Multilayer piping PE-X/AL/PE-X and PE-RT/AL/PE-RT and press and screw fittings in brass (MULTYRAMA SYSTEM)
  • Piping in cross-linked polyethylene PE-X and screw fittings in brass (TUBORAMA SYSTEM)

Prandelli Spa was the first company in Italy to produce and launch the multilayer pipe on the Italian market, allowing us today to guarantee that unique and precious know-how dictated by experience and the in-depth knowledge of production techniques. Our products are manufactured using high quality raw materials, without any integration of recycled materials: for this reason, we can assure and certify the highest performance capacity of our fluid supply systems.


Multilayer piping and fittings

Complete range of multilayer pipe in PE-X/AL/PE-X and PE-RT/Al/PE-RT with or without insulation and press-fittings and screw joints.

100%Made in Italy

Pipes and fittings in PP-R (Cop-random  polypropylene)

Complete range of pipes and fittings to transport cold and hot liquids under pressure.

100%Made in Italy

Cross-linked polyethylene piping and fittings

Complete system with pipes in PE-X- and screw fittings.

100%Made in Italy

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