Tuborama System

Piping system in PE-X with or without anti-oxygen barrier and screw fittings -  PIPE PRODUCED ONLY WITH MINIMUM BATCH

Tuborama is a system of plumbing, heating and sanitary systems composed of silane cross-linked polyethylene piping (PE-Xb) and screw fittings in brass. Tuborama, the first “plastic” piping to be manufactured by Prandelli in 1977, it meets various plant design needs. The manufacture of joints using mechanical screw fittings in brass also ensure particularly easy installation, not requiring specific work equipment. This product is also used in various types of plumbing, heating and sanitary systems, from transport of compressed air, to transport of alimentary substances and industrial systems (compatible with the chemical resistance of the fluid transferred).

Cross-linking also gives the pipe a property knowns as thermal memory: this property allows correction of any errors committed during curvature of the pipe, with the help of hot air generators. Tuborama is used in traditional heating and “underfloor” systems.


tuborama tubi
Piping in cross-linked polyethylene for Tuborama system


tuborama raccordi
Fittings for Tuborama system
Why choose Tuborama

The benefits of the cross-linked polyethylene piping system:

high resistance against mechanical and thermal stress
easy laying
ideal for pipe in pipe systems and underfloor panels
does not require specific equipment

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