Coprax System

Range of pipes and fittings in PP-R to transport  cold and hot liquids under pressure

Pipes and fittings system in Cop-random Polypropylene (PP-R) to weld, produced and available on the market since 1987 under the brand name Coprax, it has revolutionised work in the plumbing, heating and sanitary installations sector. The characteristics of the system make it suitable to create systems to direct water, fluids and compressed air, in the most wide-ranging forms and with significant reliability over time. It is also permitted to transport liquids for alimentary and industrial use, compatible with the characteristics of the fluid transferred and outlined in the chemical resistance table of the technical guide. The particular feature of the COPRAX systems consists of the assembly technique, which occurs by fusion welding the parts you want to connect. Following welding, the piping and fitting become a single body, without a continuity solution, and excluding problems that can derive from potential leakage points. The assembly technique, the vast range of measurements and fittings available, the versatility of the system and the excellent chemical-physical characteristics ensure Coprax is a product of noteworthy quality now proven by years of experience.

In 2014 with the launch of COPRAX FIBRA, a more performing pipe was presented whose main advantage is reflected in the drastic reduction of thermal expansion coefficient, due to the presence of PP-R filled with fibreglass: this allows, in the event of exposed installations, a reduction in brackets to anchor the pipe to the masonry structures.

This pipe was developed based on a mix and co-extrusion of two distinct materials and composed of three different zones:

  • an inner layer, in contact with the transported fluid, composed of PP-R
  • an intermediate layer, composed of PP-R filled with FIBREGLASS
  • an outer layer also in PP-R


coprax tubi
PP-R system piping for Coprax system


coprax raccordi
PP-R system fittings for Coprax system


coprax accessori
PP-R equipment for Coprax system
Why choose Coprax

Product characteristics:

resistance to electrochemical corrosion
low thermal conductivity
low noise
resistance to stray currents
low load loss
easily manageable

Our packaging for Coprax Fittings.

coprax packaging

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