Multyrama System

Range of multilayer pipe and fittings to transport cold and hot liquids under pressure - PIPE PRODUCED ONLY IN MINIMUM BATCH IN D.16x2 AND D.20x2, AL. THICKNESS  0,2 - 0,25 mm 

In 1998, Prandelli was the first manufacturer in Italy of the multilayer pipe called Multyrama, characterised by a multilayer pipe in cross-linked PE-X/AL/PE-X  that guarantees greater mechanical resistance over time and which does not allow permeability of oxygen also thanks to the intermediate layer of aluminium (head to head welded).

The Multyrama system is composed of a pipe, produced using state-of-the-art technologies with the prerogative of merging and at the same time taking advantage of the characteristics of plastic and metal, and fittings in brass, both press and screw. The piping is manufactured with two layers in cross-linked polyethylene, coupled to an intermediate layer in aluminium. The fittings are instead implemented using mechanical compression joints, both press and screw fittings with a nut and olive. The resistance characteristics of the Multyrama system, as well as the range of sizes available, allow the installer to create a wide range of system types, for example sanitary, heating, compressed air, thermal water systems, for alimentary substances and industrial systems (compatible with the characteristics of the flowing fluid).

Subsequently, Prandelli supported the Multyrama pipe with the TRIS-UP line: a pipe in PE-RT /AL /PE-RT, non-cross linked high density polyethylene, which is more flexible and which tolerates a working temperature up to 70°C.

The brass fittings are currently available in three different types to cover various market requirements:

  • PFM fittings, i.e. press fitting, multi-jaws type
  • PF fittings, i.e. press fittings, compatible with the jaw profile H
  • CM fittings, i.e. mechanical joint (screw) with nut and olive


multyrama tubi
Multilayer system piping for the Multyrama line


PFM series press fittings for Multyrama system


PF series press fittings for Multyrama system


multyrama raccordi stringere
Fittings for Multyrama system


multyrama attrazzatura
Equipment for multilayer
Why choose Multyrama

The benefits offered by PE-X/PER-T and by the aluminium in the multilayer:

resistance to aggressive fluids (PE-X)
resistance to corrosion (PE-X)
smooth and compact surface (PE-X)
low thermal conductivity (PE-X)
hygienic (PE-X)
reduced weight (PE-X)
low noise (PE-X)
workability (Aluminium)
dimensional stability (Aluminium)
low linear dilation (Aluminium)
oxygen barrier (Aluminium)

Our packaging for Multyrama / Tris Up.

multyrama trisup packaging

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